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HLXU 624675 5 45G1

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Each gallery participating in the Art Positions section of the 2007 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach was given a shipping container on the beach close to the Convention Center. Inside these containers, which have a standardised interior height of 265 cm, the fair installed white walls for the exhibiting galleries to show work. These walls were, however, only 240 cm high. Henriksen was intrigued by the 25 cm gap between the top of the walls and the ceiling and made it the starting point of his work. He took the wall down on one side of the container, cut it into different shapes, and remounted it onto the other long wall in the space, revealing in the paint, scratches, traces on the back that they had evidently already been used for previous Art Positions. The title of Henriksen’s work was the container’s unique ID-number, and the notion of transportation was also addressed in how he moved material from one side to the other. For a future work, Henriksen would like to find the shipping container and re-use it once more. 

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